So, today, in a few hours, I’ll travel to Florida! It will be the first time that I’ll leave Brazil all by myself, and I think that i’ll love it. I’ll stay there for a few weeks, (so, no tumblr for me there), and i’m so excited about it, because… you know, U.S.A.!! I have been dreaming about this since I was a little kid, and maybe I’ll look like Chloe’s sister, Lily, but I REALLY DON’T CARE. Okay, see you in a few weeks… Love you all
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Hunt•ress (noun) [huhn-tris]

  1. a woman who hunts
  2. a female animal that hunts prey


  • 1350–1400; Middle English hunteresse.

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We learned a better way. I’m a creature of habit.

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once upon a time + colors

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Damon Salvatore + season 2

Emma Stone outside the Good Morning America studios before an interview on July 16th 2014 in New York City 

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Couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I tried.

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Welcome to London.


Mary Margaret in every episode → 1x02 The Thing You Love Most

"What’ll happen if you go? I think the very fact that you want to leave is why you have to stay. You care about him. Who will protect Henry if you won’t?"